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Federico D'Isep

Federico D'Isep

Something about Federico D'Isep

Federico D’Isep, born in 1960. Dentist by profession, climber for passion.

Up to 2000, in addition to the climbing, he carried out an intense exploring activity, discovering new rock walls (including Grotti, the Caves of Grotte del Pueblo and of the Arenauta in Gaeta etc..) and opening many new routes.

During the late 1990’s he discovered the bouldering, discovering and exploiting the bouldering climbing spots of Vitorchiano, Viterbo “La Palanzana”, and Soriano nel Cimino.

At now he still climbs, both using the rope, and without.


Paretone del Moneta, Il Canto delle Sirene
Le chant des sirènes
Federico D'Isep