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Climbing Spot Factory

The Non-existent Route Setter
The Non-existent Route Setter
Watercolor by Paolo Poliedro, 2018
The Non-existent Route Setter
The Non-existent Route Setter
Sketch by Paolo Poliedro, 2018

A climber oriented Social Magazine

Climbing Spot Factory is a Social Magazine dor the dissemination of information about the climbing spots.

All the contributors are actively involved in the equipping and in the maintenance of the proposed spots.

At it publishes the app ClimbAdvisor, dedicated to the climbing, that is to the main topic of this web site. But other outdoor activities will be present in the future. 



What you find

On the web site:

  • Articles on the climbing spots.
  • News, pics, footages.
  • Info about measures for safety.
  • Real and invented stories.

On the free app:

  • The climbing spot maps.
  • The number of routes, the range of difficulties, the ideal seasons.
  • A search engine among the climbing spots.

On the premium app:

  • The GPS coordinates and the map of each approach.
  • the list of the routes.
  • The topos.
  • A search engine among the routes.

Some guides are free. Among these ones, the biggest crags are Subiaco and Stilo.





Design and Development

  • Conception: Francesca Comunello and Carmela Malomo.
  • Design and development: Carmela Malomo.
  • Graphic Design: Mattia Sette.
  • Logo: Giulia Papacci.
  • Interaction Design: Marco Carboni.
  • User Experience: Viviana Smirnoff, Ermanno Busetti.
  • A lot of magic code snippets from "Drupal 8 Theming with Twig", by Chaz Chumley, ed. PACKT
  • Psychological support: family, friends and cats.

Open Sources

  • Content Management System(CMS): Drupal 8.
  • Integrated Development Environments: XCode, Android Studio, NetBeans.
  • Programming Languages: C, Objective C, Java.
  • Databases: SQLite, MySQL.
  • Scripting and Markup Languages: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Twig.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript Libraries: jQuery e Bootstrap.
  • Font Awesome: Dave Gandy, http://fontawesome.io.
La fabbrica del nostro social media
The factory of our Social Magazine 

All our sponsors support the equipment and/or the maintenance of the proposed climbing spots. 

The proceeds of our guides will be used for the maintenance of our climbing spots.