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Something about Isola e Mummie


Ostia Beach in a Sunday summer day: hordes of climbers screaming, children, dogs, bikers who stop to watch the climbers, climbing courses, abusive instructors, beginners who attempt dangerous maneuvers. The most beautiful streets look like the polished marble foot of the saint who everyone touch.

Even the climate is often hostile: warm and without any shelter from the sun, from late spring until early autumn, cold in the winter. Recently a lot of work to scale the island has left many debris on some streets and ruined some handholds.


From Rome, take the A1 and exit at Orte. Here take the road to Terni. Take the third exit of Terni , Terni Est, to follow – Valnerina Marmore waterfall. Immediately after the exit take a new tunnel , then another tunnel leads directly into valnerina completely bypassing Terni. Follow all the Nera Valley to the village of Ferentillo . Do not take a left at the first indication for Ferentillo, but continue quanche hundred meters then turn right and follow the signs Precept - Mummies . Take the Avenue of climbing and park under the stone farmhouse refreshment bar.