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Dolomites - The Sella Towers

The Sella Towers and Mount Pordoi
The Sella Towers and Mount Pordoi
Emiliano Della Bella

The five Sella Towers are one of the most characteristics elements of the eponym mountain range.

With their sleek profile, they can be easily identified at the rightmost of the Sella Group, looking from the Città dei Sassi.

The First Tower, 2533 meters high, is the rightmost one; to the left, then, you can distinguish the Second  (2598 meters), the Third (2696 meters, the highest of all), the Fourth (2605 meters), and finally the Fifth (2500 meters). Watching carefully the picture, then, you can see on the right of the First Tower, a low rocky structure, named Locomotiva, that complements the skyline of the mountain range.

These rocky structures offer routes of all difficulties and oriented to all the cardinal directions, with short and quite comfortable approaches. 

The rock is almost everywhere excellent, and, in many sections generous of holds, which is why the Towers were climbed for the first time between the late nineteenth century and early 20th century. 

The first two Towers, more precisely, were climbed for the first time in 1899, and the others in the first decade of the 20th century.

First and Second Tower of the Sella Group
The First and Second Tower of the Sella Group
Carmela Malomo

Among the classic climbs of the First Tower, of attainable difficulty and up excellent rock, I often recommend the nice corner of the Trenker, (L. Trenker and H. Pecosta,  1913), South/West faced, (and therefore looking to the Val Gardena), and the Steger arête, (H. Steger and E. Holzner, 1928, prob. Don Tita Soraruf 1927), West faced  (hence looking to the Val di Fassa).

If you are fast enough, once climbed the First Tower, you can climb down the Normal Route up to the little saddle that separates it from the Second Tower. Once at this saddle, you can climb up to the second, always with attainable difficulties and up excellent rock.

The view from the top of the Towers is breathtaking: on one side you can see the Val Gardena, with the Città dei Sassi, the Mount Sassolungo the Cinque Dita Peaks, and on the other side there is the Val di Fassa, with the Piz Ciavazes and the Pordoi Mounts. 

And, once you reach the top, don't forget to sign the Summit Book. There's one for each Tower!!

The Val Gardena from the Second Tower of Sella
The view over the Val Gardena from the Second Tower of the Sella Group: Città dei Sassi, Sassolungo, Cinque Dita



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