Something about Sergio Brun

Sergio Brun su GASF I
A Pale, sulla GASF I, prima via sportiva dell'Umbria
Carmela Malomo

Born in 1949, in the early ‘60s I spent the holidays in the Salesians summer camps at Sibillini Mountains. In 1975 I 'rediscovered' the Sibillini again, by traveling to trails and ridges with tent and sleeping bag in a solitary trek of several days, gaining knowledge and experience. 

Since the summer 1979 with a caver friend we began to bolt the first route in Pale. Shortly after has been noticed a progressive and rapid increase of the climbers in Pale, and the bolting more and more difficult routes.

Sergio Brun, diretta alla Cima del Lago
In solitaria sui Monti Sibillini,
sulla diretta a Cima del Lago

With a preference always for the mountains, I made several classical and modern multipitches routes in Western Alps, Gran Sasso, Monti Sibillini and Dolomites. On the latter I nailed the multipitches route 'Samarcanda' to the North Face of Monte Bove, and made the first winter ascent of the 'Spigolo dellOrso' at the East face of Monte Vettore.

Sergio Brun a Pizzo del Diavolo
Sul Canalone NW di Pizzo del Diavolo,
nei Monti Sibillini

For over 30 years, in addition, I dedicate myself to mountain ride and I climbed running many of the peaks and ridges of the Umbria-Marche Appennines (Monti Sibillini and Monti della Laga) and Gran Sasso.

In the early 80s I refunded the Italian Alpin Club of Foligno.

Since 2007 I started the 'rebolting' of the Pale crag with certified stainless steel bolts.

In 2008 I conceived and promoted the construction of the climbing wall at the municipal gym UISP in Via N. Sauro, where I currently work as instructor of Sports Climbing.