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Lorenzo Rossetti, on OPEC
Gola della Rossa - Paretone Oggioni
Sul diedro finale della OPEC

Geologist and Geographer started with rock climb in the 80’s.

Lorenzo Rossetti
Romagnoli Santoni
Changing rusty bolts

As one of the main bolter in the Ggola di Frasassi and Gola della Rossa area many open projects have been realized by Lorenzo (known better as Lo only) and a small 'band' of friends across the years. Most of the routes have been immediately repeated by the same team some others still remain open projects at today. In two years (2003-2004) several multi pitches of the area have been equipped from the top especially where the quality of rock was bad or where the route cannot be safely climbed from the bottom with the use of traditional gears.

Lorenzo Rossetti
On Chanel n.5

New projects have been realised recently, after 18 years of climbing activity, while the hard policy of restriction for climbing in the Park Area has been re-discussed again.