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Something about Rocca d'Arce


This crag was discovered and equipped by  Andrea Imbrosciano in the early nineties.

It’s a small and isolated rock spur on the South face of the hill where lie the towns of Arce and Rocca d’Arce.
The routes are South faced, not much long and of low/medium difficulty. The climbing is through a vertical wall with some big holes (or small caves..) and some roofs.
The crag is good for climbing in the winter season. During the mid seasons you can climb there only on fresh days.


Take the highway A1 Roma-Napoli and exit at Ceprano. Turn left at the first roundabout, then take the first road on the left and cross the bridge over the highway.

Continue straight. Once at a second roundabout take the first exit and continue up to a big cross road with the SS6 Casilina route.

Once there, take the Casilina route toward Arce (Sora-Cassino).

Once at the big crossroad with the SS6 Sora-Cassino (on the outskirts of Arce), near the cemetery (where you can see a florist in front of you, near the cemetery), turn right and continue up a traffic light. Once at this traffic light (the only one on the road), turn left and go uphill staying on the right, toward the center of Arce.

Go toward the main square of Arce. Once at a junction with a downhill road on the left (going toward the Postal Office), stay on the right following the uphill road to the center of the town.