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Qualcosa su Ponze


The rock wall of Ponze was discovered in the eighties by two young speleologists of Foligno: Americo Innocenzi and Massimo Bollati.

During the 90th Massimo Bollati equipped the first routes as was the custom at the times.

After years of neglect, the Italian Alpin Club and its Mountaineering School have re-equipped the old routes, and set some new ones.

Now there are 15 sport routes, almost all characterized by cracks, more or less juggy, depending on the level.

The highest quality of Ponze is the beauty of the place, cool and quiet, located at about 750 above the sea level, surrounded by woods and mountains, in shadow during the whole afternoon.

The rock is an excellent limestone, solid and offering a good friction climbing. The approach is short and comfortable. The space under the routes is not wide, but not even uncomfortable.

An annoying drawback is that the last 6 km before the parking spot is an uneven, uphill, narrow road.

Once at the parking spot, leave your vehicle on the side of the road (not on the meadow, risking a fine).


Take the SS3 Flaminia road toward Foligno (coming from Foligno, instead, take the SS3 Flaminia road toward Spoleto).

Exit at S. Eraclio, then turn right toward Matigge and continue straight. Pass a square, short, medieval tower. Then, a few hundreds of meters further, passed a petrol station, turn left following the signs to Torre Matigge (SP 425 road).

Pass Torre Matigge town and continue. Once at a crossroad, on the outskirts of Santa Maria in Valle, go straight, leaving the SP 425 road (which goes to the right toward Trevi town). Continue straight along Via Venezia road. Up to a crossroad, where is located a drinking water fountain (where you can fill your bottles). Once at this crossroad, turn left, taking Via Rovigo road. Continue straight, following the signs to Ponze. At a certain point, the road gets uphill and really uneven. After 6Km you will arrive at a nice green clearing, with a small house on your left. Park on the side of the road (don’t leave your vehicle on the meadow, risking a fine).