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Something about Montebello di Bertona

Montebello di Bertona

Montebello di Bertona | Vestina Area

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The history of Montebello di Bertona crags starts in the eighties, when the mountaineering guide Gino Perini opened straight bottom the “Alberello” route, that now is a classic in its kind. In subsequent years Perini, with some friends, opened about other 15 pitches.  More recently, Fabrizio di Giansante and Roberto Delle Monache opened new beautiful routes, and the new beautiful area Ombra e sole.

The routes of this crag are fingery and continuous, but there is no shortage of demanding overhangs. Almost all have been recently re-equipped.

The rock wall near to the road, the pleasant climate, the very nice routes make this place very interesting for climbing.


From the Montebello di Bertona town follow the signs to Villa Celiera. Once at the first fork (about 100 m after the end of Montebello di Bertona, at an U-curve) turn to the right. Continue along the hairpin turns of this uphill road for about 3km, up to a rockwall, well visible after a curve on the right, and park your car. It’s the Verdin area.