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Fonte Avellana: the guide came out!

Fonte Avellana: the guide has just come out!

It's a summer crag, in the province of Pesaro, with 29 route of medium and medium/high difficulties, set by Sandro Angelini for sport climbing and suited for beginners.

The guide is free for all those who have already bought the other in the province of Pesaro.

Fonte Avellana
Eva on Herba Tenax (6a+), nelayd by her dad
Carmela Malomo

Fonte Avellana is a small jewel on the slopes of the Mountain Catria, at è un piccolo gioiello sulle falde del Monte Catria, at an altitude varying from 1000 to 1200 meters.

29 routes of medium and medium/high difficulties, in a mountain environment, but definitely non-hostile. In fact the approach is short and comfortable, the space at the bottom of the routes is wide and without precipices: I mean, it's a climbing post good for families with children.

the rock is an excellent mountain limestone, solid and rough,  with water erosion pockets, crimps, little and big cracks, pockets, pretty much perfect. 

The rock is not covered by lichen or even by soil, despite being within a magnificent beech forest, probably because in winter the beaches are leafless so that the wall is bathed by the sun all the morning.


Fonte Avellana
Manuel Valenti on the amazing wall at the end of Muflone Rimbambito (6a+)
Carmela Malomo

The routes have been magistrally equipped by Sandro Angelini in view of sport climbing.

Many are the details that indicate how carefully Angelini established this spot: the space at the bottom of the route is gardened, and in the steepest points there are some reinforced terraces. The two areas with the easiest routes have been provided with a warming up route of 5th grade. The anchors are certified and carefully set for sport climbing.

Being East faced, surrounded by the wood, and at 1100 meters above the sea level, Fonte Avellana is one of the freshest climbing spots in the province of Pesaro (may be the freshest one). So it's recommended for climbing in summer, during the hottest days of the autumn, and of the springtime after the snow has completely melted. Obviously, it's definitely not good for climbing in winter.


The crag is a short distance away from the Hermitage of Fonte Avellana, a place full of history, offering a very rich calendar of cultural events, that is well worth a visit.

Fonte Avellana
The Settore Medio, where are the hardest routes
Manuel Valenti

Finally, a couple of rows about the history of this climbing spot, It's located right behind my house. the firt time I saw that superb limestone wall was in 1997, during the winter, while I was going for a walk on the snow.

Almost 10 years later I went there with my friend Ferro, and together had a good time trad climbing up to the top of the wall, and setting the first sport route of the crag, named Via del Ferro (Ferro's Route).

But we did know that establishing a good sport climbing spot wasn't for us.

Thus, we called our friend Sandro Angelini and ashowed him that place. Thankfully, Sandro liked so muche that wall, that he gifted us with a beautiful climbing spot, ten minut from our homes.

Thanks a lot, Sandro!

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