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Roccamorice: the Rebirth

Past and present in Roccamorice: stories of new and revamped routes.

Giordano Renzani at work on the "Parete dell'Orso"
Giordano Renzani at work on the "Parete dell'Orso"
Giordano Renzani

The biggest crag of Abruzzo is going through a season of renovation.

Two years ago, on 2016, seeing the state of serious neglect of almost all the historical lines of Roccamorice, together with Romano Costantini, Antonello Giordano, Giuseppe Viola, Marcello Ferrini, Federica Mazzocca, I started to re-equip the routes on the  "Parete dell'Orso", in Roccamorice.

In the beginning, we revamped some routes a bit here and there,  then we have continued with ever firmer convinction, systematically changing the old anchors with new, certified, stainless steel ones (Raumer).

And now we intend to continue.

La storia di Roccamorice
Vecchio e nuovo a Roccamorice
Ar. Giordano Renzani


The approaches and the space under the routes have been gardened, and, at now, more than 50 routes have been rebolted.

We spent more than 2000€ for the purchase of the anchors, collected from local climbers.

In addition, we established more than 20 new routes (at our expense).


Giordano Renzani
Lavori in corso
Giordano Renzani

This is the story of friendship and love for our rocks.



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