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Monte Amiata - Meglio mi sento

Monte Amiata, Sasso di Dante: Elisa Roscini on Meglio mi sento (5c+), not continuous but interesting route. The first part is an inclined slab, a little too mossy. But after the first six meters, it goes always through clean rock, almost abrasive: it's a particular kind of conglomerate, weird-looking, that offers technical and athletic climbing.  

The walls of Sasso di Dante are East faced, but practically always in the shadow of the wood. Unlike Catarcione the routes of  Sasso di Dante are almost all on the roadside.

Elisa Roscini on Meglio mi sento, on Monte Amiata
Elisa Roscini on Meglio mi sento (5c+) in Sasso di Dante
Viviana Smirnoff

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