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Triponzo - Pepito Wall: the guide came out!

Triponzo: Maurizio Tufoni has just updated the ClimbAdvisor guide, adding the area Pepito Wall, recently established by Giuseppe "Pepito" Picone, and modifying the descriptions and the GPS coordinates of the approaches, that after the earthquake of some years ago were changed.

The update is free for all those who have already bought the guide of Triponzo.

Maurizio Tufoni on Appigli ridicoli (8a)
Maurizio Tufoni on Appigli ridicoli (8a)
a Triponzo, Pepito Wall area

The climbing spot of  Triponzo is again accessible, after the earthquake disasters of some years ago in Valnerina.

Some approaches changed, and, in addition, Giuseppe "Pepito" Picone established here a new interesting climbing area, suited to the medium/high and high level.

The Pepito Wall is located on the wall opposite the historical area La Poderosa, on the same side of the Balza Tagliata (a half gallery carved in pre-roman times for the transportation of goods). Such nice wall, high, well visible and of excellent limestone has so far not been equipped for the enormous difficulties in accessing. 

In fact, before starting to set the routes,  Pepito had to do huge work to secure the space at the bottom of the routes and the approach (that is not at all easy). In short, he established an exposed Via Ferrata that first traverses along a precipice on the Corno river, then crosses the Balza Tagliata and finally arrives at the rock wall.

The rock wall is mainly vertical, or slightly inclined or slightly overhanging. There are some little overhangs too, and some corners and cracks.

The routes are quite long, and some of them reach almost 40 meters.

The rock is an excellent limestone, offering many shaped holds and good friction climbing.

The climbing style is technical and satisfying.

Maurizio Tufoni has updated the guide of ClimbAdvisor adding this new climbing area, and modifying the descriptions and the GPS coordinates of the approaches of the other areas, that changed after the crashes caused by the earthquake of some years ago.

While we were here, we took again all the GPS coordinates (even the ones that havenìt been changed), using better technology.

And finally, a warning for all our users:  the smartphone  GPS rarely works properly in the canyons. The rock walls are too close, hide most of the sky and cause many reflections.  Thus I would advise our users to look at the ClimbAdvisor maps  (that are accurate) and, once into the canyons, find their way looking at the rock wall (it's not difficult to do in the small canyons). Last, but not least, I would advise our user to read always the accuracy of the positions provided by any electronic equipment (and also by the ClimbAdvisor guide). And, if you are in a gorge, trust more your eyes than your electronic device, because reflections can make your device measure accuracy of 5 meters, whereas it could be 20-30 meters and more.

This applies only to gorges and thick woods, obviously, not to open spaces.

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