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Soriano nel Cimino - Shining: the topo is online

Soriano nel Cimino: the topo of Shining is out! It's online and free for all: download it from  Google Drive.

Thanks to the Sassisti Tusciaroli team, that first did a great job in establishing this bouldering spot in the only area of the majestic Faggeta Vetusta [n.d.t. Ancient Beech Forest] where we can climb (we remind you that in all the other zones there is an active climbing ban). And now they have made available to all an excellent topo, with detailed descriptions and pics. Download it, go and have a look: Shining is in the shade of a magnificent forest, and it's fine in this hot summer.

Remember that the Faggeta Vetusta is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and that climbing is allowed only in one area (that is, Shining), and under strict observance of rules. Please let's not bother locals,  o we may permanently lose the change to go climbing there 🙏🙏🙏 

Part 4 / 6
Part 6 / 6
Soriano nel Cimino - Shining: finalmente la guida è online
Soriano nel Cimino: the topo of Shining is on line here
Download it and enjoy!
Part 4 / 6
Part 6 / 6

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