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The first book of Sergio Brun is being published today: Volevo fare l'alpinista

The first book of Sergio Brun, "Volevo fare l'alpinista" [I wanted to be a mountaineer, n.d.t.], published by Daidalea, in limited edition, is back from the printer (in Italian language).

26 tales, accompanied by about sixty pictures. Have a good reading!

The first book of Sergio Brun is being published today: Volevo fare l'alpinista
The cover of the first book of Sergio Brun,
published today by Daidalea

The first book of Sergio Brun, "Volevo fare l'alpinista"  [I wanted to be a mountaineer, n.d.t.], is back today from the printer, published by Daidalea, in limited edition.

It consists of 26 tales, accompanied by about sixty pictures.

20 of these tales are autobiographic, and the rest is imaginative. The fictional ones are easy to distinguish both by the contest and by the absence of precise indications like dates, places, names, performances.

The stories told by are not in chronological order. It's a succession of slices of life both of the writer and of his town Foligno, each of which focused on a single topic.

The tone of the book is the usual tone of Sergio: ironic and seld.ironic, moderate, not a bit emphatic. At first glance good-natured, but at a closer look always slightly corrosive, as a handful of salt a could be (not more).

There are several characters involved; firstly there is the writer, Sergio, with the three greatest passions of his life: music, mountaineering and running. But there are also his fellow adventures, his friends. There are the places where the adventures were lived: Foligno, il Sasso di Pale, the Sibillini Mountain Range, the Dolomites, the Western Alps. There is the memory of those who had gone (Marco, Enrico, Matteo). There is the narration of a special derailment from everyday life, which happens in an orderly and collected way, with a little half-smile, outside of the work hours,  and without drugs or alcohol use. It's the story of two parallel lives, two almost separated worlds: on the one hand the big furniture factory, with its quality standards, its schedules, its rites. On the other hand the strong emotions from life in the woods and in the mountains, or from a theater stage, or even only from music listening.

Sergio Brun
Oon the Vagniluca multi pitches route, at Castello Sibillini
ar. Sergio Brun

I suggest you read it (if you learn Italian 😅), to see how you can be definitely outside the box, and also be Rebels, without losing good manners, and their pleases and the thank-yous, without clamor or rhetoric.

The book is printed in limited edition. It you want your copy, please write to Sergio and ask him a book. the e-mail address is: or

Have a good reading!!

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