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Poetiche Verticali: the last book of Umberto Fausto Silvestri is now out

Poetiche Verticali: the last book of Umberto Fausto Silvestri is now out.

A work quite different from his earlier ones: an "images and poems" book, "an act of love for climbing".

It's a (thick) eight-hand volume of Pictures and Poems co-written with the photographers Alfredo Smargiassi, Federico D'Isep, Lorenzo Poli. The book is available in two versions. the deluxe version (cardboard cover, hardback, yam.bound etc..)  is 95€. The economic one (softcover) is 33 €.  You can order in You can print, lafeltrinelli, amazon, ibs, etc. Watch the trailer, and, if you like, get the book!

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