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Millepiedi: new climbing spot in Abruzzo

Millepiedi: a new climbing spot in the highland of Fucino, in Abruzzo, a few dozen of meters from the inhabited area of Petrella Liri.

A little jewel that so far had been hidden by the trees: 20 routes of low/medium difficulty, across a slightly inclined wall, tilted at about ten degrees from the vertical. It's nicely characterized by the absence of protrusions: the hods are all crimps, horizontal and oblique cracks, and buckets.

Well riveted by Toto Capassi (whom we thank), with a short and easy approach and a comfortable space at the bottom of the wall.

The topo, edited by Jari Capassi is free for all those who have already got the Marsica area. 


Millepiedi: Assunta on Frida (5c)
Millepiedi: Assunta on Frida (5c)
Carmela Malomo

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