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Grotta dell'Arenauta - Invidia P3

Grotta dell'Arenauta: Alessandro Papa at the third pitch of Invidia, set by Federico D'Isep and Fabrizio De Romanis and assessed 8a.

I asked a short description of the line for our readers and received a nice account.  

Grotta dell'Arenauta - Invidia L3
Grotta dell'Arenauta - Invidia P3 (8a): Alessandro Papa at the start
Denis Gerolini

Here's Alessandro's account:

Sending the third pitch of Invidia was a real mental battle.

In all my good attempts I always felt at the end of the route, one meter before the chain.

The last move is a dyno from two not good holds to a very good one. But at the end of the route, it's not easy to do the move, and, above all, redress the twist.


Grotta dell'Arenauta - Invidia L3
Grotta dell'Arenauta - Invidia L3: Alessandro Papa at the twist
Denis Gerolini

In all my attempts I did this move only twice. The first time I felt for a mistake. The second one, instead, I got to the end, sending the route.

All I have left of this route is the relationship with my comrades, our friendship, which has grown. I spent whole days with the same people, always attentive and vigilant to each my attempt,  and willing to discuss my moves. 

This is the most important thing, for me.

Grotta dell'Arenauta - Invidia L3
Grotta dell'Arenauta - Invidia P3: Alessandro Papa at a rest
Denis Gerolini

Someday I'd like to climb all the 4 pitches of  "Invidia", getting the top of the cave, where the route gets harder.

But I know that it would take a long time for this to happen. In the meantime, I keep the dream is certain because dreaming doesn't cost anything!

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