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Feet in the air

Pietra Maura, a new climbing spot in Basilicata. A gem set in the wild mountains of the Appennino Lucano, a lonely, beautiful, and mysterious place. Excellent limestone, with about 60 routes of low, medium, and medium/high levels. The topo has just been published by ClimbAdvisor. Andrea Imbrosciano remembers the time of the riveting: memories, feelings, sensations

Pietramaura - La spiaggia dei Nodisti
Pietra Maura - The area "Spiaggia dei Nodisti"
ar. Andrea Imbrosciano

September 2016

Feet in the air, sitting on the edge; my body is tired and my eyes are incredulous, watching what we did also today, in spite of everything.

It's not easy, writing about a place; we must first be convinced that we are doing the right thing, for the environment, for the land, and above all for the Stone.

It's good to be caressed, but only if we so wish. The stone is there like a woman, helpless, unable to defend HerSelf, until She can't take it anymore, breaking apart.

All the climbing stories begin with a phone call. After a chat, yearning for discoveries and re-discoveries, I met the Stone of  Pietra Maura[Pietra = Stone, in Italian], or maybe it was She who met us.

Pietramaura - Sterrato di accesso
Pietra Maura: the last part of the approach
ar. Andrea Imbrosciano


Basilicata Verticale, a project that surprised the tribes of climbers, positioned that region at the forefront of the tourist development in Southern Italy. Many mayors are proud of it, for not being famous only for the oil. Many idle climbers of the South attained some notoriety through this project.

But, unexpectedly, this project did not involve Pietra Maura, maybe because this spot seemed insignificant for the low/medium level of the possible lines, too lower than the level of the other climbing spots of the region. Anyway, the fact is that the  project did not get to Pietramaura!

After trying in vain to discover who was the climber that first climbed these walls and set the first lines, I conceived the riveting of this wall halfway between sport climbing and modern mountaineering, with bolts sometimes spaced, even whit compulsory sequences. Certainly, a way to dissuade the masses, and make this spot more choosing. Thus, in a short time, we set many new routes, transferring a view, some skills and our passion. 

Pietrmaura - Momenti
Pietra Maura - Moments
ar. Andrea Imbrosciano

The pleasure of tread the path to the wall in a bucolic, airy setting, almost unreal, always accompanied us. The hut Fontana delle Brecce, the the shelter Francesca and her friends, alas, now closed! where the reception was at home and was spontaneous enormously contributed to the result.  Today all that's left is the name of a route, and the wonder for that we have done, despite of everything.

They were important days, so as to make annoying the sound of the drill, We are still happy for not having desecrate that wonderful place.

Thanks to all if you would try to leave it as it is now. The rest will be done by the Stone.

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