Something about Mimmo Scipioni

Mimmo Scipioni a Campo Imperatore
Campo Imperatore

Mimmo Scipioni comes from the ancient people of Etruscans.

As a child, he started to walk in the hills near his town, then, little by little, further away.

Mimmo Scipioni a Guanxi, in Cina
Grotte di Guanxi, Cina

Mountaineer and speleologist, he is a member of the Alpin Rescue team of the Umbria Region.

He climbed the highest mountains of Italy, and is gone down in deep caves, always searching for something to explore.

He organizes expeditions around the world.

Monte Castore
Monte Castore

Lonesome traveler on the road, he lovis the old books. Sometime he writes plain verses.

He works on the roofs and on the chimney stack, over and under the ground.

He wrote three books:  Una minestra di quinoa, published by Thyrus, Un caffè a Plan Bonito, published by Federici, Il tè salato della Mongolia, published by La Steppa