Something about Etienne Bernard

In America
in America
Ar. Ètienne Bernard

Born and still living in Campitello, in the Val di Fassa, ski instructor and mountain guide.

There is an old German saying that says “apples fall under their own trees”. It fits in me because I followed my father’s and mother’s footsteps. I have taken my first steps both in climbing and in skiing since the age of 3.


My parents have always practice mountaineering in all spheres, both in their leisure time and in their work, and they always have brought me with themselves. So skiing and climbing were my favorite games.

As a boy, I took part in some ski-racing. Then, over the years I’ve got more and more skilled and expert, under the watchful eye of my father, both for the technique and for the safety. He often brought me with him when he was training his learners, and it is in this way that I’ve learned very early to be a ski instructor and a mountain guide.

Sulle rocce americane
Sulle rocce americane
Ar. Etienne Bernard

At the age of 15, I decided to move to the Tione town to attend the Scientific Mountain Oriented High  School, where I have been lucky enough to meet the very passionate and capable classmates. Since then I have decided to dedicate all my time to the mountaineering disciplines.


In that school, under the guidance of national ski instructors and mountain guides, I had the opportunity to further improve my skills, achieving very satisfactory levels.


In parete

The natural outcome of such qualitative leap was the access to the mountain guide and ski instructor courses.

Now I can truly say that I found the activity for which I’m really gifted and that I cannot do without.

I became ski instructor at 19, and since then I have worked in the Sky school of Cammpitello. Then at 21, I became mountain guide, and since then I’ve joined the Alta Val di Fassa Group of mountain guides.

I realize that I moved quickly, and even if it makes me proud,  I’m aware of the fact that I have to acquire experience. So, I keep my feet on the ground, and I do not rush: I learn, listen and understand from the cunning foxes, hoping to have a long, diversified and fruitful career such as that of my father.

You can find more info about my activities of mountain guide on the web sites  Guide della Val di Fassa and Explore-Share.