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Thus spoke Andrea Imbrosciano

Face to face with the clairvoyant redneck.

I'm afraid he won't like that, but when I think of Andrea Imbrosciano, the first words that come to my mind is a heretic. Not as a heretic as Fra' Dolcino or Thomas More, but etymologically speaking,  heretic as those who make a choice; Imbrosciano, indeed, is really someone who has made some choices (and sometimes even to make himself misunderstood).

He came from Sora, a not so small town in the province of Frosinone, long ago, since dinosaurs roamed the planet,  and right away he started to get up to all sort of things, from the Dolomites to the Gran Sasso Mountains, from the Mediterranean islands up to the perfidious Albion. He climbed through the charming horror of the Eighties&Nineties irrigating (with a lot of wine) and cultivating his corrosive critical thinking.

Published with the kind permission of the magazine Alpinismi, which owns all rights, and which we thank.