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Something about Tagliacozzo

Tagliacozzo climbing

Tagliacozzo | Fucino Area

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The crag of Tagliacozzo is located in one of the most quiet zone of the border area between Lazio and Abruzzo. It’s pleasant for climbing during the sunny autumn days or, in the summer,  during the late afternoons. Ir offers many routes, with different climbing styles and for any taste, but climbing skill and strong fingers are always required. The spot was discovered in the early eighties by the very active climber Toto Capassi, which set the first line straight from the bottom, with nuts and pitons. Soon after the spot was closed on an order, due to the danger of collapse. Severe years later the wall was secured and the order was withdrawn. Then the old lines were revamped and many tre lines were set by Mario Bultrini and Ulisse Bonifaci, whom we thank.



Take the highway A24 toward l’Aquila and exit at Tagliacozzo. Then follow the signs to Tagliacozzo.


FROM THE NORTH (L’Aquila, Rieti)

Take the highway  A 24 toward Roma. Once at the junction with the highway A25 toward Pescara, exit and take the A25 Toward Pescara. Continue for about 9 Km, then exit at Magliano dei Marsi. Then follow the signs to Tagliacozzo.

FROM EAST (Pescara)

Take the highway A25 toward Roma and exit at Magliano dei Marsi.  Then follow the signs to Tagliacozzo.


From the town of Tagliacozzo, go on toward Cappadocia / Piccola Svizzera. Continue uphill along the road with many hairpins, running along a pine forest.  Si prosegue in salita su una strada con diversi tornanti che costeggia una pineta. Once at the end of the pne forest, the road gets flat. Continue for some hundred of meters and pass the start of the track to get to the crag. Then immediately turn sharply to the left, and continue downhill up to the church  ‘’Church of S. Maria del Soccorso’’, near which you can park your vehicle. From this parking spot ho uphill on foot toward the well visible wall. Cross the road and look for a the start of the track toward the walls which you passed before.

The path crosses a little pine forest, then run along some catch fences, and in 5 minutes gets to the main area, recognizable by a big roof.

Looking at the wall, on your left there is the area “Estrema Sinistra”, and then, further to the left, there is the area “La Ciota”, where are the shorter pitches with the lower level. On your right (that is on the right of the Main Area), instead, you find the area “Scudo Centrale”, with the most interesting lines, and, further to the right , the “Estrema Destra” area.