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Something about Roccia dello Schiavo


The West side of the Roccia dello Schiavo (=Rock of the Slave) is undoubtedly on of the most interesting of Mount Pellegrino; it rises majestically on the Parco della Favorita (Parco=Park) and its beautiful grey walls dominate the city.

The rock is overall a nice compact grey limestone, with water erosion pockets, but even with many cracks and tunnels.

Since the war, very strong mountaineers and route setters have faced this wall.

This climbing spot, indeed, has many single pitches, but also many multi-pitches routes, that climb the whole wall up to the wall

The wall is 200 meters high- In the middle, there is a characteristic (well evident) series of roofs.

We recommend the use of ropes at least 60 meters for all the pitches.


The Roccia dello Schiavo (=Rock of the Slave) is on the slopes of Monte Pellegrino, in Palermo.

You can easily park your vehicle in a dirty widening, near the offices of the Protezione Civile (=Civil Protection).

You can reach this parking spot from VialeErcole road, 200 meters after you passed the crossroad with Viale Rocca road.

The entrance is on the right side of the road (coming from the crossroad with Viale Ercole). Once there you must continue on foot.