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Something about Parco degli Ulivi

Antrodoco - Parco degli Ulivi

Antrodoco - Parco degli Ulivi | Around l'Aquila

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Antrodoco - Parco degli Ulivi

The spot  Parco degli Ulivi, near Antrodoco, was looked for and wanted because of the lack of walls with challenging routes around L'Aquila.

The walls, a few Km from the SS Salaria road, are surrounded by greenery, in a really quiet environment, where, due to the rick's morphology, you can climb even when it's drizzling. The rock is solidified calcareous conglomerate, and the holds are mainly pockets.

There are both technical lines and continuous overhangs.

The spot is located in a gorge, and it's in shadow in the afternoon, regardless of its Southern exposure.

The crag was discovered by Agostino Cittadini and Claudio Arbore, who set the first two routes, using expansion bolts.. Then Cittadini, helped by Daniele Adriani, Maurizio Pietropaolo and Marco Zaffiri, turned to set the remainder of the lines using glue-in bolts.


From L’Aquila take the SS Salaria toward Antrodoco.

Once passed the village of Sella di Corno, you will get near a church (the Heritage of Madonna Delle Grotte), just before Ponte. Near this heritage, there is a fountain of drinkable water, where you can fill your canteens.

About 700 mt from the bridge, look for a small widening on the left side of the road: it's the parking spot.

This parking spot can accommodate not more than one vehicle, but further ahead you can find two other parking places.

From Rome take the highway A24 toward l'Aquila, and exit at Tornimparte. Then take the SS 17 road following the signs to Villagrande and Antrodoco. Once at the Heritage Madonna delle Grotte continue as described above, for those coming from L'Aquila.