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K 330: new route in Pale, in the Uccellessa area

A new easy route in Pale, in the Uccellessa area. 

Its name is K 330, because while we were searching for the best place to place the anchors, we were singing the theme of the K 330 Sonate of Mozart.

The start is in common with Notte di note (with 5a+/5b difficulty). Then, Notte di Note slightly curves on the right, maintaining a constant difficulty, whereas K 330 follows the nice crack up to the top. The difficulty of this second part is about 6. The chain of K330 is not shared with the neighboring routes.

The grade of the route is between 5c and 6a, with single moves of 6a, but a long stretch of 5a+/5b.   

K330: una nuova via a Pale
1) The line
2) Elena at the crux
3)Setting the chain
Carmela Malomo

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