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Climbing Ban in Tempietto

The  Tempietto, one of the most beautiful climbing spot in Marche, has been closed. 

Climbing Ban in Tempietto
Climbing Ban in Tempietto

We took advantage of the walls around the Tempio del Valadier for about 30 years in the Gola di Frasassi. Both Speleolgists and Climbers.

Now, due to the crowds of climbers (and the noise) during the religious ceremonies, climbing has been banned. Many pleas have been made to avoid climbing during the days of maximum tourists and/or pilgrims afflux. Unfortunately, this effort  was unsuccessful.

At now, the complice with the municipal originante is of paramount importance, to try to treat and Cobain something. Thus the topo of the spot will be removed from the Frasassi Gorge package since the next update of the app ClimbAdvisor.

Ecco l'ordinanza di chiusura: Ordinanza di chiusura del Tempietto

Ordinanza di chiusura del Tempietto


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