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Revamped Piazzetta delle Streghe, in Civitella del Tronto

Civitella del Tronto: the area Piazzetta delle Streghe has just been revamped, cleaned up and expanded.

Gianluca Di Benedetto has just updated the topo, and, as usual, the update is free for all those who have already got  Civitella. 

Simona Marziani on Siotto on sight
Civitella del Tronto: Simona Marziani at the crux o Siotto on sight (6a)
in Piazzetta delle Streghe
ar. GdB

Piazzetta delle Streghe [Square of the Witches, n.d.T]: behind this rather gloomy name, which has its roots in our popular folklore, there is a small but interesting rock climbing area, well known by the local and not only local climbers. The first lines of this area date back to 2008 and required a huge amount of cleaning up work, because the wall  visto che la parete was completely covered with ivy.

Because of the limited funds available, the area was equipped mainly with galvanized iron bolts. But with time this choice was proved to be unsuitable, so much that  the anchors  began showing signs of severe corrosion in a very short time. Thus a radical intervention was needed,  just postponed by  the questionable works on the main wall of  Civitella. The cleaning up and the re-bolting of the area took place during the summer 2023 and has been carried out  by self-financed volunteers, without contributions from sponsors or from the Municipality...

Piazzetta delle Streghe: le nuove catene
Piazzetta delle Streghe: una delle nuove catene
acquistate con i ricavati di ClimbAdvisor ar. Gianluca Di Benedetto

Funds were raised partly from collections of friends and of the most frequents climbers of the area (a particular thanks to the climbers who bought the topo of Civitella on the app ClimbAdvisor, because with that revenues 8  belays in stainless steel were purchased); and partly from the initiative to turn the old hangers - after a careful selection! - in cute key rings!
We thought it would be a small but   significative action in order to climb safely and to take care of our Piazzetta delle Streghe!

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