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Stockholm: the guide came out

Stockholm: the guide, written by Davide Scornavacca, has just been published on ClimbAdvisor!

29 sport routes, of medium/high and high difficulties, not suitable for beginners and good for climbing in any season, on the beach of Taormina. 

Stockholm, Settore Sinistro - Salvo Orfila on Andrè (6a)
Stockholm, Settore Sinistro
Salvo Orfila on Andrè (6a)
Ar. Davide Scornavacca

Stockholm is a small crag:  29 sport routes on a nice fine shingle beach, a few meters from the crystal clear waters of Taormina, one of the most important international touristic destination in Sicily.

As it is located on a beach, could be omitted as unnecessary to say that the approach is short and comfortable, and the space at the bottom of the rock wall is good for families with children.

The guide is free for all those who have already bought the guide of the near Bronte Blocks.

The cliff is a few dozen feet high wall of excellent limestone, and the climbing style is both technical and athletic.

Davide Scornavacca

The crag of Stockholm is not definitely suited for beginners,  not only because of the lack of easy routes but also because of the characteristics of the marine environment in which it is immersed affect the anchors.

Thus at now (July 2019), in addition to the technical and athletic abilities to climb the routes, a real capacity to evaluate the state of the bolts on the wall. 

Davide Scornavacca

Anyway, this climbing spot is about to get re-equipped by Sergio Soraci & Co. with latest materials, suitable for use in the marine environment: we will track their precious work, and we will keep you informed of the security-related progress. 

Finally, we recommend you a careful and scrupulous belayer, because there are many strongly overhanging starts. Thus, if the belayer is too easygoing, falling between the first and the second bolt could make you hit the ground.

If you are not much confident in this regard, stick clip the second of the third bolt, and enjoy climbing!


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