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San Vito lo Capo - Canalino

San Vito lo Capo - Cliff of Salinella: Ermanno Busetti on the walls of Canalino, in the area Bunker.

The Bunker is almost always windy, and it's in shadow all morning. The Canalino, though, is a small canyon having always a side in shadow. Therefore it is a very suitable place to the hot days.

In addition, Bunker, Canalino and the nearby Grotta della Palma have been recenti re-equipped with titan bolts.

There are routes of low, medium and high difficulties, the anchors are are the most safest you can find, the view is breathtaking. Go there and enjoy!

San Vito lo Capo - Canalino
San Vito lo Capo - Canalino: Ermanno Busetti su Foxy
Carmela Malomo

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