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Patrick Berhault: The June issue of Vertical Vertical is entirely dedicated to him

Patrick Berhault: a legend and a source of inspiration for climbers from all over the world. Vertical dedicated to him  the whole issue of June. Eight articles Eight articles to read and store. check them out!

Patrick Berhault and Ives Remy at the end of C'est arrivé demain, Northern Face of Dru, 1979, Chamonix. Thanks Claude Remy for the pic.

Patrick Berhault and Yves Remy at the end of C'est arrivé demain, Face Nord du Dru, 1979, Chamonix
Patrick Berhault and Yves Remy, Norther Face of Dru, 1979, Chamonix
ar. Claude Remy

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