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Pale - Uccellessa: the bolts of Normanno and Dov'è Dante are going to be ripped out

Pale: the leftmost two routes of the Uccellessa area, Normanno and Dov'è Dante, have become dangerous and their bolts are going to be ripped out. I (again) urge you to don't climb these routes, and to avoid passing under them too.

Pale - Uccellessa: Normanno e Dov'è Dante saranno schiodate
Pale - Uccellessa: the bolts of Normanno and Dov'è Dante are going to be ripped out
L. Rossetti

Pale - Uccellessa: almost two years have passed since, in 2019, a big rock shield collpased in the leftmost part of the Uccellessa area, on the left of  the routes  Normanno and Dov'è Dante. In that occassion, I immediately posted two rows to to warn the climbers that because of this collapse both Normanno and Dov'è Dante have become really dangerous. In'nt recommended not only climbing them, but even passing under them.

It's been a long time sinve then, and a lot of things happened. For months Pale was semi-deserted because of the lockdown. Now it's again crowded, especially on weekend, and I found out that the climbers, despite the menacing, wide white vacuum on the left of the start of these routes, are still used to climb both. In the pic you can see a rope team climbing Dov'è Dante, unaware of the danger.

This, I'm forced to rip out the first bolts of these two routes. Of course, I'm very sorry about that: Doc'è Dante and Il Normanno are two historical routes, thaht I saw born. They were also very nice, when they were safe. But now they are two ticking time bombs: the shield of rock at the start, about ten meters high, is no longer constrained on the left, and it's destinated to fall. Two hostrical routes are not even worth the integrity of a human being.

Thus, when these two routes will no longer have their first hangers, don't think about an act of vandalism, and please don't try any replacementr.

Stay away and avoit to pass under them. Be careful!  

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