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Year 3010

Year 3010: there are few remains of the XXI Century civilization. The reinforced.concrete builds have been ground to a fine powder. The plastic and the silicon of our digital archives have been crushed by the time.

The nice and ironic prose of  Mimmo Scipioni and the esoteric references to Michelangelo of Paolo Poliedro  tell us that the archeologists will find only some written paper and...

Il Chiodatore Inesistente
The Non-existing Route Setter
Paolo Poliedro


Year 3010. A group of researchers came across in strange round objects not random way in "rocky walls".

In the last years, many things had changed on earth planet, many things had been lost, in particular the historical memory of all the Earth.

Some things had been found, including a strange material where some signs formed strange designs and perhaps other things.


An artifact
A paper artifact
Carmela Malomo

Modern analyzes had established that the material used many years ago was made of vegetable fibers no longer present on the planet, which was perhaps called "Carta".

The group of researchers moving from one side to the other of the planet to search ancient news or signs,  and they found these strange objects.


At a first by careful observation they understood that they were cylindrical, some centimeters long, with a small diameter and a little bright.

It was this brilliance that attracted the attention of the research team.

The scientists next a precise examination observed that these objects were placed in the rock, at a distance among them not too long,  as find a hypothetical continuous line on these excrescences of the earth.

They no have doubts,  the discovery was important, but what those objects were used for was difficult to understand

These 12/15 objects had an anomaly: ended with two of these fixtures a few centimeters from each other: the lines were parallel to each other so they would never cross, the length was about 30 meters, but some of these were extended for hundreds of meters.


Lo Scalatore Inesistente
The Non-existing Climber
Paolo Poliedro

Then the study passed to archaeologists. They discovered that the "lines" were votive symbols, placed in this position to honor some gods who lived in those places.

This concept  was also corroborated by the fact that in the same area they had been
find vestiges of even older civilizations.

The archaeologists imagined these ancient Women and Men who climbed with enormous efforts along these rocks to bring higher and higher "The sacred fire" that surely burned within them up to touch with their hand what was once "the sky".

These women and men had certainly built something on the top that could make them understand that the point they had reached was exactly the magical place of their ascent.

Perhaps a wall, perhaps a clean and well-kept place, easily recognizable, was to serve to bring these people together.

Still remains obscure is how people fixed these objects in the rocks.

Once upon certain we know that the technology was not so advanced to build a machine that could piercing a so hard material.

For the moment,  these are the news that our talented they gave us.

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