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Andrea D'Addazio: 50 routes from 8a on in the year 2018!

Andrea D'Addazio did his 50th route from 8a on in 2018.

Andrea D'Addazio
Satisfied just after the sent
Cristian D'Addazio

Yesterday Novembre 17, sending "Uomo Civile" 8a+ in the Gabbio area of Ferentillo, I've got my desired goal... sending at least 50 routes from 8a on during this year... I have succeeded!

I'm really satisfied for this year, especially looking back to the experienced emotions and to the sacrifices made to reach my goal. 

Nice reminding what I felt before sending each route: the sleepless nights memorizing up to perfection the moves, the long hours traveling, the chats with my friends... 

It was not easy combining study and climbing, finding a good justification for being absent from school and doing my utmost to make up the missed lessons...

I remember the first months of this year, when I felt in love with the Grotti crag, and I wanted to go there not only during the week-ends, but even during the week. How many times I drove while was snowing!

Andrea D'Addazio
"Having breakfast" in Petrella

Among these 50 routes the ones that moved me more have been the "Ricordo del Tempo", in Sperlonga,  "Zandalee", my first 8c in Grotti Bassa and the "Trilogia per il Successo" 8c in Roccamorice... but the other ones not were second! 

The craziest sent was "La Fine dell'Impero", a 8b+ in Petrella... On Friday I arranged with my friend Romano to go to Petrella on Saturday. Everything went fine, except the sent: I missed it by a whisker ...

I cannot bear to wait a week for a new attempt. 

The odd thing was that that route gets sunny early in the morning. Thus we opted for a crazy idea...

We decided to sleep in my little car and try an attempt on Sunday, at dawn the day after. We had dinner in a small restaurant in Petrella, bought two brioches for the breakfast and went "to bed" in my car...

The night was really cold.. and I was thinking I did a foolishness...  I didn't sleep that night... around 4.00 AM we awoke, had "breakfast" and went toward the cliff, in the dark, with our headlamps...

Andrea D'Addazio

I climbed a warming up route, but the rock was wet for the humidity of the night.

Then I did an attempt, but I felt at the second clipping.  The holds were too wet, so I waited for a little before a second attempt.

When the sun rose,  I  tried the second attempt of the day, and everything went fine

These are some of the most beautiful moments of this year, for me...

Now I need to push my limits and to dream big...


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