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Gola della Rossa: new lines in La Sbarra

Lorenzo Rossetti has just updated the guide of La Sbarra, one of the most popular crags in the Gola della Rossa (= Rossa Canyon) area. As always the update is free for all those who have already got the guide.

The Gruppo Roccia Julide in La Sbarra
The Gruppo Roccia Julide in La Sbarra
Gruppo Roccia Julide

La Sbarra is indisputably the most frequented cliff in the Gola della Rossa.

Some new lines of medium difficulty have enriched the offer of this spot, which is easy to reach by car and equipped in the sport climbing perspective.

The possibility of reaching the rock wall in a few minutes on foot, the comfort at the bottom of the routes and the closely spaced bolts make this crag attractive to many beginners.

The use of a helmet is compulsory, at least for the belayers, because the routes have been all recently (or very recently) set up.

Prove di volo a La Sbarra
Prove di volo a La Sbarra
Gruppo Roccia Julide

As for all the climbing spot frequented by beginners, it's advisable invite everyone to take with themselves any waste, of all kind and to leave the space at the bottom of the routes cleaner than how it was found.

During the rare days in which there are few climbers, you can help to maintain the spot, cleaning or gardening some holds.

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