Something about Mauro Trechiodi

Mauro Trechiodi, toward the Dente del Lupo peak
Verso il Dente del Lupo
tra il Tremoggia e il Camicia

Born in Velletri in 1955.

I started to become passionate about the mountains in 1981: since then I have practiced hiking. Now I collected almost all the Appennino’s peaks.

Mauro Trechiodi on "Tre Chiodi"
Sulla Tre Chiodi

Once, while I was wandering at the Morra, I met Paolo Caruso: suddenly I bought the needed equipement and started to climb in Ciampino, where I bolted many routes.

I bolted in Guadagnolo too, and near Cervara di Roma, always together with my friend B. Fabbri.

Mauro Trechiodi sulla Nord del Corno Piccolo
North Face of Corno Piccolo
Saladini Florio

At the Morra I met Pierluigi Bini too, with which I climbed a lot, in mountains too.