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Massimo Esposito

Massimo Esposito

Something about Massimo Esposito

Born in Trieste in 1962, he's a nature guide. He has gone to the Dolomites since he was a child. He has experienced first-hand the transition from the historical to the modern mountaineering, climbing with all the greatest mountaineers of Trieste, as Giorgio Ramani and Mauro Bole.

He had been volunteer in the  National Alpine Rescue and Speleology Corps (C.N.S.A.S.) of Trieste for 15 years.

At now he has carried out almost 2500 ascents in Europe, America, and Africa.


Aurisina, Settore Ovest,  Massimo Esposito
Aurisina, Settore Ovest
Massimo Esposito