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Re-Segone: new multi-pitches route in Fano Adriano

Re-Segone is a brand new route of the Fano Adriano crag.

Gianluca Di Benedetto gives a short description of this educational route, established by the mountain guide Paolo De Laurentis.


Fano Adriano, Re-Segone
Paola Di Giacomo peeks out behind a pinnacle
Gianluca Di Benedetto
Fano Adriano, Re-Segone
Leeping balance on the ridge of Re-Segone
Gianluca Di Benedetto

Re-Segone is composed of six short pitches. Its ad educational route, a bit far from the standard sport climbs and looks like classic alpine ridge routes.

Here the list of the pitches

P1, 4b, 10m - Slab and arête; 3 expansion bolts

P2, N/D, 15m - Transfer; 

P3, 5a, 12m - Slab and arête; 3 expansion bolts + tunnel

P4, 4b, 15m - Arête, ridge; 2 expansion bolts + tunnel

P5, 5c, 15m - Little overhang; 4 expansion bolts

P6, 4a, 20m - Ridge; 3 expansion bolts + tunnel



Re-Segone, Fano Adriano
The "fin" of the third pitch
Gianluca Di Benedetto

It's a short but interesting and enjoyable route. The climbing style is various, and not banal in the 5th pitch, offering many evocative glimpses. It's a good choice for those who want climb many metres in winter or in autumn, when the days are short.

Some short pitches can be conveniently joined.

the rock is quite good, but you must pay attention to some rock, particularly in the last part of the ridge. Bring a helmet, quick-draws, locking carabiners, abseil equipment.


The approach is on foot: follow the path that runs along the crag. Continue through the grove, then follow backwards the downhill path of "Alberelli" abd "Il pasto nudo" routes, until you rech an obvious rocky spur (2 bolts). 


The recommended climbdown is on foot: reach the path marked with cairns that leads you back to the start. The path shares the last section through the grove with the downhill path of "Il pasto nudo" and "Alberelli.

A more detailed report is available on the guide of Fano Adriano of the app ClimbAdvisor.

A special thanks i are owed to the route setter Paolo De Laurentis, who was assisted by the  tireless Lino Di Marcello.

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