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Something about Bronte Blocks

Bronte Blocks

Bronte Blocks | Etna and Nebrodi Mountains

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The bouldering spot of Bronte Blocks in a natural paradise at the slopes of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. It’s the Troina river valley, few miles from the Bronte town, from the Etna Park and of the Nebrodi Mountains Park.

The rock is a compact, powdery sandstone, offering cracks, pinches, pockets, crimps, slopes, flat, sometimes sharp holds. There is really a wide variety of handholds, on strangely shaped blocks, with tricky footholds.

The climbing style is various and quite enjoyable, varying from a physical to a fingery style, from demanding caves to technical vertical walls. The difficulties vary from 4a to 8a and more. The grades proposed in this guide are only an indication. The grade below the 6a has been “labeled” as IV° and V°.

More than 300 routes have been already climbed, and many others have to be cleaned or freed.

You can climb in Bronte Blocks throughout the year, because the blocks are both spread over the wood and scattered out in the wood, on both the sides of the valley and along the river too. Moreover, after heavy rainfall, the blacks get dry in two sunny days.

The whole climbing spot is quite wide, and includes nine different areas, just minutes away from each other, even if separate: Intro, First Step, Fiume, La Sala degli Specchi, Fantasia, Bucolico Inferiore, Bucolico Medio, Bucolico Superiore, Belvedere.


This guide has been carried out with great care and effort: many long walks, many hours at the computer, but good climbing and a good time with friends as well. It’s a turning point for climbing in Sicily because finally disseminates information on Bouldering in our island.

Its main aim is first to get people interested in the discipline; second, it’s making known the beautiful landscapes of the climbing area of Bronte, and, why not, even the beautiful moves of the Bronte Blocks.

My wish is that the climbing area of Bronte will be further developed and managed in the best possible way.

My special thanks to my friend and climbing mate Stefano Anile, who introduced me to such beautiful wood and rocks.    


Bronte Blocks is at 10 minutes by car from Bronte, pistachios city and one of the many historical centers of the Etna and Nebrodi Mountains Parks. It’s at 49 km from Catania, on the Western slopes if the Etna Mountain.
Coming from the entrance of Bront, pass the whole city (Francesco Cilea road). Once at the roundabout, take Pavone road, toward Cesarò (SP211). Then turn right at, finally, turn left and take the SP17iii road. Once at the sign “Messina”, continue on the dirty road and park your vehicle after crossing the bridge.