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Goodbye Giovanni

Giovanni Andriano, Marshall of the Carabinieri, Mountain Guide.

Loyal, honest, uncompromising, generous, gascon, brave. tough with the tough, protective with the weakest. Thoughtful companion of life and devoted father. Here the heartfelt remembrance of Maurizio Tufoni and Ferruccio Modesti.

Giovanni Andriano sulle placche di Finale
Gianni Andriano in Finale
Ferruccio Modesti

"How much we have laughed with Stefano and Francesco in that mythical and legendary instructor course of the Italian Alpin Club. Such unforgettable days...

I'll remember you for your great generosity: you were a humble person (even if you and Francesco in Tagliacozzo set a route named "Zero Humility"), always ready to lend a hand toward those in need.

You were truly humble, and you had that big contagious smile.

I'll remember you like this, with that smile, in the mountains, happy at the top of one of the many routes you set."

Goodbye Giovanni

Maurizio Tufoni

Giovanni Andriano, Ferruccio Modesti, Francesco Rai, Marco Eugeni. Quattro amici
Four friends: Giovanni Andriano, Ferruccio Modesti, Francesco Rai, Marco Eugeni
ar. Ferruccio Modesti

Comba’! [Compare! n.d.t.]

"It's just an exclamation, but it contains everything Giovanni is in my, in our circle of friends.
In this way you exhorted us, you teased us, you called us to order, or you simply greet us  ( also with an addition apparently unkind, that it's not cool to be written..).
You had a direct character, always aimed at what is essential, full of energy, sincere, and authentic.
You were for me a friend and a brother, and on one occasion you saved my life, dealing with a dangerous situation which couldn't be faced by few...

Giovanni Andriano
Giovanni: a step further
Ferruccio Modesti
But above all, you pushed and motivated us to keep following our passion.
You did it with a smile, maybe in a light-hearted way, but always determined and sincere.
Your jokes, never foolish, made us laugh at others, at us, but also an incentive to keep on pushing ourselves, to take one more step to grab the hold above us... 
Even at the risk of falling. 
You have always done one more step, one more move, if needed, boldly and decisively."


You are with me, you are with all of us. Always.

Ferruccio Modesti

  • Four Friends

    Orienting at l'Alveare

    Giovanni Andriano all'Alveare
  • Four Friends

    Reading the sacred texts

    Reading the sacred texts
  • Four Friends


    Giovanni Andriano a Finale
  • Four Friends


    Giovanni Andriano a Finale
  • Four Friends

    On the slack line

    Giovanni Andriano slackline


Marco Andriano (not verified)

Ciao Maurizio, Ferruccio,
Le vostre parole non potevano descivere meglio, in nessun altro modo il suo modo di essere...
Grazie per le belle parole e per le foto che non avevo mai visto.

Un saluto

Marco (il fratello di Giovanni)

Sat, 04/22/2023 - 14:24

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