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Stockholm: Sergio Soraci started rebolting

Stockholm: 10 Sicilian girls and boys raised money to rebolt the crag, co-ordinated by Davide Scornavacca, from the CUS of Catania.  

Two days ago, Sergio Soraci started out on this work.

Stockholm: 10 Sicilian boys raised money to rebolt the crag. Sergio Soraci started out on this work.
Stockholm: 10 Sicilian girls and boys raised money to rebolt the crag.
Sergio Soraci started out on this work.

The crag of Stockholm is a small jewel on the Taormina coast.

It's just a few meters from the sea, on walkable distance from the center of the town,  and good for climbing in all seasons, during certain times. It goes without saying that it's a very popular spot.

the routes were almost all set more than 10 years ago, whit A2 stainless steel anchors (also known as 304), as was the custom on those days. But for several years now,  this kind of anchors is not considered anymore suitable for the marine environment, so that there was the immediate need to replace them with certified bolts.

At last, two days ago, Sergio Soraci & friends begun the rebolt the leftmost area (Settore di Sinistra) of the crag. At the end of this part of the work, Davide Scornavacca will update the topo of Stockholm, writing down which routes have been rebolted, on which date, and with which.

The new anchors (40 expansion bolts and 4 chains of PLX stainless steel HCR) were bought last fall,  with funds raised by 10 Sicilian boys, coordinated by Davide Scornavacca

The goal of Sergio Soraci, and of other route setters of that area, is replacing all the old A2 (not certified) steel anchors with new stainless steel anchors, certified for the marine environment. On this matter, although it sounds redundant, we would like to briefly stress that at now the anchors certified for the marine environment are: A4 stainless steel (the 316L), HCR stainless steel, and titanium.

We hope that the example given by these guys will be followed by many others so that all the climbing spots of the Sicilian coast can get adapted to the current legislation as soon as possible.


Sergio Soraci nel Settore Sinistro di Stockholm
Sergio Soraci nel Settore Sinistro di Stockholm
ar. Sergio Soraci

On behalf of all Sicilian climbers, I want to thank these 10 girls and boys and compliment them individually on the intelligence and the awareness demonstrated on this occasion. Thanks 

  1. Andrea Sciuto
  2. Davide Pezzillo
  3. Mauro Micheli
  4. Anna Poidomani
  5. Gaetano Marino
  6. Massimiliano Alizzio
  7. Angela Intelisano
  8. Serena Pappalardo
  9. Benedetto Molino
  10. Salvo Ursino

Their contribution was gathered with that of Sergio and of other Sicilian route setters to buy the anchors needed to rebolt the many routes of the Eastern Sicilian coast. 

Obviously, I also thank Sergio Soraci and his friends for their effort (that is for work and money). Thanks to Davide Scornavacca, that took up the collection, adding a contribution from the proceeds of the ClimbAdvisor book guides. 

And last but not least, thanks to Oliunìd, that in October supplied the anchors giving us a great discount for the San Vito lo Capo Festival.

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